Mintger - a Summer Essential You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

This summer is shockingly hot with a rising average temperature. The stifling hot

summer is a breeding season for mosquitoes which leads to frequent mosquito bites. To add insult to injury, we have to wear masks every day because of Coronavirus. Hard to get through this crazy summer? A refreshing product, ‘Mintger’ appears to save you from the suffocating heat and itchiness. 

Mintger is formulated with natural mint and ginger which has a simple composition. Both mint and ginger are common pharmaceutical plants that are proven to have specific medicinal value and recorded in the Chinese herbology Compendium of Materia Medica. Though the formula of Mintger is simple, the curative effect is on point. 

Let’s talk about mint first. Peppermint is recorded as a pungent and cool-natured drug that helps resolve exterior and clear heat in the Compendium of Materia Medica. Mint contains menthol which acts as a counterirritant. It is usually used to relieve itchiness from mosquito bites. Besides, peppermint is a good insect repellent. The strong aroma given by mint keeps insects away from you, especially the annoying mosquitoes in the summertime. 

Moreover, mint keeps us healthy both physically and mentally. The refreshing scent of mint reduces nausea, headache and vomit. The unique piquant aroma given by mint achieves resuscitation with aromatic. As a natural decongestant, mint relieves a stuffy nose. The pharmaceutical plant helps you kick off anxiety, as well as stress. It is not unusual to find out modern people are so stressed. Negative emotions may result. As a natural stimulant, menthol stimulates and reboots brains. Get relaxed and chilled by enjoying the scent of mint. 

Moving on to ginger. Ginger is recorded to treat headache, vomiting and cough. Ginger essence oil is extracted from natural ginger which has a higher concentration of gingerol. This element relieves nausea and vomit effectively. Nevertheless, Zingiberene, the predominant constituent of ginger oil, efficaciously alleviate all kinds of headache. Last but not least, ginger dispels summer heat to relieve exterior syndrome. Through sweating, a cooling effect is attained and hence lower body temperature. Noted that ginger assuages anxiety and abate stress as what mint does.

Mintger combines the benefits of mint and ginger. The combination of freshening peppermint and acrid ginger surprisingly makes a good balance by eliminating their original irritating smells. Unlike the traditional Chinese medicated oil, Mintger comes with a decent flavor fragrant. Apart from playing the role as anti-mosquito and anti-itchiness agent, Mintger terminates the odor of masks. By applying little Mintger on masks, the bad smell of masks disappears. This solves the biggest concern of wearing masks. 

Mintger is surely an essential you wouldn’t want to let go this summer.

Mintger combines ‘mint’ and ‘ginger’ together to freshen you up in this stifling hot summer. Mintger is perfect for relieving itchiness from mosquito bites and nausea. Its unique aroma keeps the mosquitoes away, as well as stress surprisingly. Feeling a bit tired? The refreshing  Mintger reboots your brains at once.